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Pomerol Partners is a BI and Data Analytics Consultancy with offices in United States, United Kingdom and South Africa.

Our business is driven to provide Business Intelligence Services across all industry sectors that quantify efficiencies, increase profitability and ensure far greater data clarity for our clients.

American Infosoft is a technology development company that specializes in the designing of Analogue and Digital circuits, Embedded controls, Power electronics and Software solutions for Eyes On Freight.

American Infosoft has a background in developing logistics, cargo, port, IoT, transportation and security applications and software. They can provide support and customization to any of our software, hardware and new projects.

Lab Sensor Solutions has a mission to improve lives through the use of real-time sensor technology. We deliver real-time information on healthcare assets so our customers can monitor, report and act to assure items are in the right place, at the right time, and in the right condition.

We provide a complete solution that delivers highly accurate temperature and location information (down to the room and vehicle level) that can protect the integrity of materials, cost effectively, with little to no human interaction.