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White Labeling

Shippers and shipping companies around the world can use our platform’s global engine to get rates, find solutions and brand it under their own company. They simply pay EOF a % of all shipments processed on the platform.

EOF will even provide the hardware, technology and support for companies that want to use our platform as their own.

100% Customization

We provide our CORE global platform to both shipper and shipping company for free. However, our platform is 100% customization to meet their needs and to grow with their business. EOF has different modules such as warehousing, cargo security, port logistics, and other services that they can add to the core platform and/or our software development team can customize, build, and integrate third party software applications to our CORE platform.

Supply Chain Mgmt.

Shippers and shipping companies can use our platform to manage their whole supply chain. They don’t have to leave their current carriers, partners, and/or vendors. Our platform is 100% open to work with third party applications. We can upload your current inventory, carrier, customer and vendor list by simply adding an API, EDI or other gateway.

If you don’t have an API or EDI portal our team can create an API for you as long as your information is in an excel document.

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